Church History


The humble beginning started in the year 1987 under the name ‘Indian Christian Fellowship” gathering once a month.   Once a year, the Fellowship also met with other Christians living in the East Coast for a weekend retreat.   In 1997, God stirred the heart of our pastor to plant a regular Church in the Baltimore/Washington area and “Church of India” was born..  The church rented a church facility in the Columbia area and started meeting Sunday evenings. After meeting in a rental facility for five years, in the year 2004, God abundantly blessed the church with a small building in Ellicott City, MD where they had two worship service every Sunday (morning and evening).  The following year, the church became a permanent morning church and started ministering to those who considered this church as their first church.  The church models after the early Christian Acts 2 42 church – Apostles Teaching, Prayer, Breaking of Bread and Fellowship.

Pastor’s vision is to equip the saints and raise leaders within the congregation so as to establish small grassroots churches that focus on the intimate fellowship with Christ our Lord and people (Read What is an Acts 2 42 church?)