• Welcome to Acts 2:42 Church

    • A Small Church with Mega Love

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    • We are conveniently located in Ellicott City, MD near Columbia, Baltimore and DC.

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    • Come and join us for our Sunday English Worship Service at 10:30 am every week.

Tenets of our Church

  • Apostle's Teaching

  • The apostles’ teaching” was really “the Lord’s teaching.” The apostles were teaching others what the Lord Jesus had taught them.

  • Fellowship

  • Christian fellowship is a priority of Acts 242 church and one of the objectives for gathering together.

  • Breaking of Bread

  • During the last supper, Jesus instructed His disciples to remember Him in the days to come.

  • Prayer

  • Acts 2:42 Church encourages personal prayer time that brings the follower of Christ closer to God, while having group prayer session on Friday evenings.

Events list



  • Acts 2:42 Church belong to a community of people who have encountered Jesus in a real and life-changing way. We seek to obey Him wholeheartedly: making disciples, equipping them to serve others in order to impact our neighborhood around us and the world with the good news of Jesus. On Sundays at ... [read more]

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